Sticky note ideas - 11 messages I’d love to share

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It was a sticky note someone had left on his car saying:

“Have a good day and smile”

Like a random message of kindness.


And it got me thinking…

If I was going to grab a sticky note and scribble something helpful and generous…

What would it be?

What would you write?

You don’t get a lot of space. So even if you write small, you need to be snappy with your words.

But you want to have an impact. And you want to make it count.

So what would you write?

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Here are 11 of my sticky notes that I would stick on your car:

1. “Someone loves you - Never forget it”

Because people forget there’s plenty of love to go around. And if someone isn’t feeling that, then they need to.

“I love you” might creep people out or scare them.

I don’t know? What do you think?

2. “Remember you are a vessel for abundance, wealth and happiness. Keep making the vessel stronger!”

Because I believe people often spend too much time looking for the universe outside rather than the universe inside.

There’s absolutely no point in them attracting money and love etc if the vessel is leaky.

If they don’t love themselves enough. Or if they’re playing small and hiding from their gifts. Then inner strength is priority number one.

I believe that the universe is ALWAYS flowing and we’re all standing in a river of abundance. But if the bucket is leaky. Well…

It’s not rocket science is it?

3. “There is only one of you. There is NOBODY in the world like you. You are unique and amazing!”

This is just something that people need reminding about.

The world has made them forget the truth.

In fact, my biggest quibble with the world is on the subject of bullying. I hate that people are constantly bullied to be like everyone else. It makes no sense.

All of our power is in our ability to bring unique energy and qualities to bear. You can do things that nobody else can. The other secret of course, is to combine your unique gifts with those of other people.

Hence sticky note number 4…

4. “Search out the people who can help you the most (They may be closer than you think)”

Because with only so much space available - I want to make people really think deeply.

For instance, who might have exactly what you need right now? And what value can you bring into their world to create a massive win-win?

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5. “You should be so proud of yourself and how far you have come in life!”

People get so caught up in the events of the day. They forget to look at the grand horizon and the long path they’ve already walked.

I’d love to remind someone that they are, by definition a winner.

There was a Olympic event that took place. It was won by 1 sperm. Maybe 500 million others didn’t make it to win the gold medal position. But that ONE did. And it went on to help create YOU.

That’s a winner right there.

People forget how awesome they are and that the biggest, most relevant validation they can receive will always come from themselves.

6. “It’s never too late to start again and to become everything you can be”

There are so many examples of people becoming successful late in life.

Actress Kathryn Joosten only got her first big role when she was almost 60.

And she went on to win two Emmy awards.

Many save their biggest successes till late in the story.

Some of Verdi’s greatest work was composed after his intended retirement including “Falstaff” which was written when he was 80.

Clint Eastwood is in his 80s and still making movies. He won the best director Oscar at 74.

7. “Never Give Up. Great things can come from bad experiences”

Sometimes people just need lifting up.

Even for just a moment. It can be a turning point and make all the difference.

Back to Kathryn Joosten.

Her decision to finally chase her dreams was made directly after her marriage failing.

8. “Be the wind, not the leaf (Team Abundance)”

Without further explanation, this message might be too confusing for some.

But by putting Team Abundance in the message, hopefully they’ll be curious. And they will search us out. And they might just find a spiritual home in our little Facebook group.

By the way, I use the affirmation “Be the wind, not the leaf” every day. It’s a constant part of my mindset. It really helps me especially when things feel too hard.

I don’t want to be subject to external causes. I want to BE the cause. Not blown around and leaving things to chance.

I never want to use the word “try”.

People don’t “try” to take medications. They either take them or they don’t.

When it comes to personal growth and law of attraction type techniques and actions, people say:

“I’ll try that”


On that topic, every list should have a Yoda reference…

9. Try not…Do! (Yoda)

I like to suggest to people they start a swear box.

But rather than putting a dollar in there overtime they use the “F” word, they cough up for using the “T” word.

Check your sentences. Things you’ve written. Comments you’ve made.

Get rid of the “T” Bombs. They’re doing you a disservice. You’re way better than that.

10. Everything is going to turn out just fine (From your future self)

I know that I can go back into the past and give my younger self a pep talk or just a reassuring hug.

I can forgive someone way back when. And it heals in a way that makes me feel better now.

And people do get that.

They get that a future self can be watching over them and fixing things for them.

It’s a nice idea. I think it would help a lot of people that just need to hear that everything’s going to be OK.

11. Thank you

Gratitude is a lesson best given through demonstration.

Gratitude is the master energy. The one that makes the world spin around. It’s been shown scientifically to be the cause of happiness.

I always want to be grateful.

I never want to focus on what’s missing…what isn’t quite right…my disappointments and failings…the things that didn’t work out.

I want to learn. I want us all to learn and grow. (I hate politics because it’s bullying and seeks to make one person right and another wrong)

I want to be grateful for the bad things that happened because they were lessons. I want to be grateful for my shortcomings because someone else has those things covered. We’re all part of a cosmic jigsaw. My strange shaped piece is just perfect. And so is yours.

We’re all connected and I’m very grateful to you for being you.

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