The Million Dollar Bias

There is a mutation in our thinking that holds us humans back and keeps us stuck


Harness it and unleash it correctly, it could be the key to you getting everything you want


I’ve recently been observing many people with a lot of ability, passion and energy who are failing to hit their goals in life.

And how by contrast, other people who seem very ordinary on the surface, are achieving incredible results. I want to share with you why this happens and how you can shift onto a far more abundant path…

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Are you ready to experience extraordinary results in your life, lifestyle and business?

As an experienced coach, trainer and entrepreneur with over 20 years in practice, Ed is passionate about helping creative, ambitious people discover their true path and unleash their unique source code.

He is dedicated to helping clients and students achieve and activate their desired lives of financial success and freedom based on doing things they love and which make a positive difference for others.

His Law of Attraction approach is unlike any other and it focuses on no-nonsense, breakthroughs and results.

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