Love as a shortcut to financial abundance

Love as a shortcut to financial abundance
There are various ways we can send a request to the universe.

Perhaps the most common two are:

  1. To ask for a specific thing (Ray…A lottery win…a trip to Mexico)
  2. To set a specific energetic goal and start to fall in love with that energy

“I am going to vibrate with the energy of having total personal freedom”

“I am going to feel the feelings of clarity, focus. I’m becoming someone who knows exactly which idea to choose and run with”

“I am going to stand in the space of confidence and I’m not shifting for anyone or anything”

It’s like the character Orsino in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night who says at the beginning of the play “If music be the food of love, play on!”

He is in love with love. He dials in his love frequency to the universe and love is magnetised towards him by the end of the play.

It turns out to be inevitable.

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The problem sometimes occurs when we ask for something specific and put the universe under strict conditions. We stifle her creativity. We compromise our own potential too.

“What a shame you insisted on me making Ray fall in love with you. All I had available was this superior version of George Clooney”

“Damn, you keep asking me for a lottery win. And I had this perfect multi-million dollar dream photography business ready to manifest for you”

“It’s a shame you insisted on Mexico, when I happened to have 2 five-star tickets left for the Seychelles. You and George would have loved it”

The point is, when you set an energy frequency such as “personal freedom” the universe goes into action for you.

Plus, you fall in love with your own energy, just like Orsino fell in love with love.

Something inside of you awakens. Your spirit is rekindled with passion and drive.

It’s a magical experience filled with happiness and fulfilment. One you deserve to experience every single day.

What do you think?  :-)

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