The Iceland method for dealing with SAD and better manifestation?

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The Iceland method for dealing with SAD and better manifestation
Listen carefully. This information is definitely super-important and can be used in many ways.

SAD is also known as “Seasonal Affective Disorder”. Put more simply, it’s known as Winter Depression.

So the Nordic countries, Canada, other places with long cold winters tend to have a high level of the population getting SAD.

I know how they feel. I hate long cold winters, although in New Zealand we tend to get sunny blue skies which takes the edge off things significantly.

So there’s clue 1. Sunshine helps.

In England where the winters could be hideously dark and grim, I was often SAD. So I brought a special lamp that sprayed natural strength light everywhere. And that helped a lot. So maybe it’s not just sunshine. Maybe it’s natural light that’s the thing we need?

Clue 2. Fish.

Iceland bucks the trend.

Although Iceland is right up there near the polar bears and Santa’s hideout, for some reason those guys don’t get too SAD.

The experts used to believe this was genetic. But now they think it’s almost certainly all the oily fish being eaten.

This is supported by the lack of SAD in Japan where they also eat a lot of fish.

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I was the archetypal ADD kid at school. As an adult I discovered taking fish oil improved my confidence levels no end, so maybe there’s some truth in this fish thing?

BTW, SAD’s prevalence in the U.S. ranges from 1.4% in Florida to 9.9% in Alaska. So it’s pretty clear that it’s an actual thing that hurts people.

Anyways, clue 3.


As a kid, I was super lucky to have the Mum that I had. She had great life coaching skills, may decades before the profession was even invented.

And she’d say to me “Don’t worry when you’re sad, or upset, or lonely. Because it doesn’t last forever and better days always come along soon enough”

And do you know what?

I believe that’s probably what they’ve learned to do in Iceland.

Because the Universe loves affirmations and self-suggestions based in truth.

Those guys (with their mother’s help) probably said to themselves:

This weather is hideous (truth)

But soon it will be the Spring and things will be great (truth)

Because the Universe really does get that. And so do our subconscious genius minds.

Life may be rough right now. We may be broke, unwell, alone, or just frustrated and unfulfilled.

But Spring Is Coming!

And soon the bunnies and lambs will be coming out. The beaches will be filling up. (Do they have beaches in Iceland?)

And before you know it we’ll all be throwing a few herrings on the BBQ.

Good times are always round the corner. Accept that truth as easily as you accept any other truth, and you’ll feel the shifts actually taking place inside of you.

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