You don’t need to force yourself to believe anything

You don’t need to force yourself to believe anything
You can become happy and prosperous without forcing yourself to believe it’s so.

Too many people are mentally trying to arm wrestle their way to abundance.

And it doesn’t work.

If it all feels like a bit of a struggle then pay close attention here…

Years ago I used to work in Edinburgh every year at the international fringe festival.

I spent all my time hanging out with both well known and up-and-coming actors and comedians.

And over those years I learnt something you might find very, very interesting.

A LOT of actors and actresses are very low on self confidence.

But you’d never know it.

Because if they ever need to be really confident, they simply slip into a “role”.

They become someone who is confident. For five minutes or five hours. It doesn’t matter.

It’s not an inauthentic, fake thing at all. It’s actually an incredible skill.

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One guy I met was SO shy in public but when he went onto stage and became his alternative persona, you’d swear he was the king of the world.

The key takeaway here is you can build the beliefs and mindset that will take you to higher levels of abundance by releasing your creativity.

This is why all my meditations are built on the foundational idea of creating the life you want.

This is the very same way you create any story or masterpiece.

In short, you don’t need to struggle.

This is all a big, creative, fun game. And the world truly is your stage.

You can become abundant in all areas. Belief is simply an energy that serves you according to the “role” you play.

If manifesting and setting your beliefs feels hard, there’s a far easier way to do it. Turn it into an imagination game and set your own rules so you can become free.

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