Decision time...

I hope you’re having a great weekend.

You deserve it!

Here in New Zealand it’s Monday morning already.

School holidays begin today and the kids are hollering in the background.

And school holidays means tomorrow I’m invited to go to the zoo.

So, do I go or do I work instead?

These kinds of decisions always feel hard. Like you’re going to miss something if you don’t work.

Or even worse, you won’t be in control. Yikes!

Anyway I learned the answer to this kind of question a long time ago.

And the answer is…

Go to the zoo. And cherish it.

So tomorrow I’ll be feeding giraffes.

How about you?

What could you do (or not do) that’s going to make next week a little more magical for you?

One thing I do know is that relaxation and stepping back has power attached to it.

Some people say that relaxing means doing nothing.

I say the opposite. When you let go of control, you become in control. It’s a natural push and pull process. In professional hypnotherapy it’s called the “law of reverse effect”.

All you guys currently going through my Ultimate Financial Abundance program (available right here) are already mastering this law.

And many other transformational laws.

I promise you, your life will be amazing like and full of surprising rainbows once you join this incredible group.

Here’s to a great week. YOUR week!

Ed Lester
The Abundance Coach

I’ve worked as a professional NLP trainer and personal growth expert for over 20 years and have been creating breakthrough transformational technologies for even longer.

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