Come Quickly! I Am Drinking The Stars!

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Come Quickly! I Am Drinking The Stars!
Dom Perignon, the famous 17th century monk spent his time working in wine cellars in France.

He had a personal obsession with getting the annoying bubbles out of the wine bottles.


Because of a process called secondary fermentation.

You see, the wine was originally fermented in a barrel. Once transferred to the bottle it would start to ferment all over again.

Bubbles would be created. This formed a powerful energy bottleneck.

So much so that often bottles would randomly explode.

Very pesky!

And very dangerous for any monks who happened to be in the vicinity of the exploding bottles.

Then one day (as fanciful legend has it) Dom Perignon decided to taste some of that bubbly wine.

And allegedly he rather liked it and shouted out to anyone who would listen…

“Come quickly, I am drinking the stars”

And so was born Champagne. (Mmmm.)

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Anyway, my belief and experience is that Abundance is created in exactly the same way as champagne.

The one thing that feels so hard in our lives. The thing that torments us. The thing that makes us doubt our true greatness and potential…

Turns out to be the secondary fermentation happening in our inner world.

It’s the bottleneck preventing us from becoming abundant.

Once it pops however, our lives tend to change forever. Suddenly we’re shooting for the stars rather than just surviving.

When I was at school I had what’s now become known as ADD.

Yes I was attention deficit and it felt like I had a block. Certainly everyone else wanted me to see it that way.

Not concentrating and focusing on one thing at a time was seen as a problem. Just like the bubbles in the wine bottles.

But then one day you wake up and realise that your greatest curse is actually your greatest blessing.

If you haven’t awakened yet to your true priceless and unique nature, perhaps today is that day?

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