Be the bird!

Every morning I feed my dog Chance. He has 10 dog biscuits. As soon as the biscuits hit the metal bowl, Chance’s special friend “Bird” is alerted and comes hopping over. Chance is happy to share his breakfast with Bird. He hardly notices. In fact, Bird only eats approximately 1/20th of a dog biscuit. We can all learn a lot from Bird. Why? Because she happily eats her morsel and then hops off and gets on with the next thing.

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Thoughts move in a direction

Our thoughts definitely are “direction based”. For instance if I think about a certain type of delicious food, my feet are likely to start moving towards then fridge. Therefore, common sense dictates we spend a LOT of time trying to get our thoughts to “work better”. In the hope that we will then “feel and act better”. But what if that theory is upside down and back to front?

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