The Secret To Getting To Where You Want To Be

Imagine feeling bored with the conformity and materialism of daily life. So rather than “trying” to do what you’re supposed to or what you feel is needed… Instead you simply spend the day being yourself and “soaring”. Just like Jonathan Livingston Seagull did in the book of the same name. He did what the other seagulls in the story wouldn’t do. He enjoyed and celebrated the bliss of flying.

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Do you choose Mantras or Facts?

“Everything is perfect. Everything is fine.” Is more a mantra than a statement of fact. But we can treat these as facts should we choose to. Nobody wants to be on a straight road. It may feel easy for a short time (like taking a beach holiday) but soon straight roads become boring. Eventually they become traps as Tom Hanks found in castaway, and Citizen Kane found in his big lonely house.

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