4 different ways to dream yourself an incredible life

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4 different ways to dream yourself an incredible life
There are 4 types of dreams.

  1. The dreams you can’t remember. Often these are the asleep kind. Sometimes they’re the daydream kind.

Lots of people swear to me they don’t dream when they’re asleep. But they do.

We all sleep dream. A lot.

Just because you don’t remember doesn’t mean the dream isn’t happening.

We all have an Alice part to us, and she’s busy day and night in Wonderland.

  1. The kind of dream you’re aware of but you code it as unattainable.

Maybe you dream about driving a red Ferrari around the sun drenched plains of Tuscany.

But right there in your mind’s eye is a big sign and arrow pointing to the glorious vision and in big letters it says “This is not real”


  1. The kind of dream you know for a fact you CAN achieve

You don’t have to force the belief. It’s absolutely real and your heart declares it will happen with 101% certainty.

My oldest son holds my hands…climbs up my legs…and does a backwards loop the loop.

My 3 year old watches him and runs over to have a go.

He collapses in a heap. Not strong enough to climb up.

A little crestfallen but he KNOWS he’ll get stronger and victory will be his soon enough.

  1. The kind of dream you’re living. Savoring the experience. Drinking in the fact that you dreamed it…you manifested it…and here you are living it.
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The key….

The KEY with dreams…

Is to see the above as a conveyer belt.

An ongoing process of progress and breakthroughs.

As Franz quoted in a post earlier…

“I never lose. Either I win or I learn”

So true!

So here’s the step by step process to work with the 4 dream categories and to move your good self closer towards a living wonderland…

  1. Be open to remembering what it is you’ve always dreamed of. Be brave enough to let those aspirations and ambitions floating around in your head back into your heart.

Play with the internal vision board of your mind. Yours has just as much power as anyone else who ever lived.

  1. Re-code your unrealistic dreams as REAL. Has anyone else ever created that car…that vacation…that crazy wild romance or life changing business opportunity?

  2. Bring more of 1 and 2 into 3. In other words, take something which at the moment is “slightly” unrealistic and change your beliefs around it. Play with those beliefs.

Dream a bigger dream by letting your mind play with it. Sift the blocks and barriers around in your mind like sands. Until they settle into a different, better shape.

  1. Keep going. Grateful, purposeful living is a beautiful thing. And the scary bits…the dramas…the set backs…are all part of the waking dream and the story that evolves into something amazing and worth living.

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