“Launch Your Dream”

A breakthrough coaching and mentoring program to help you launch and grow an amazing business (based on your true purpose and path…and your unique talents, strengths and passions)...


The Breakthrough Method: Core Immersion Training

You will learn the tools and lessons necessary to grow your life and your business to the next level over the next 60 days.

This is perfect for anyone wanting to:

  • Tap into your unique hidden gifts and talents so you can follow your true path…move forward with total confidence…and achieve more than you previously imagined possible
  • Overcome outdated and limiting beliefs that are holding you back so that you can feel confident launching a life and business that are authentic and fulfilling
  • Help others manifest their goals and dreams using the most powerful skills and techniques around today
  • Understand your true purpose and path…the value and joy you can experience in your business…and how to use your unique gifts to create financial and life abundance quickly
  • Get support and make beautiful connections and life changing breakthroughs along the way

This starts with the Abundance Method Online Workshops On 7 Key Principles For Accelerated Growth and Success:

  1. Law of Attraction - Electric Beliefs

    Are you ready to feel truly unstoppable and limitless?
    I’m going to share everything you need to know about zapping and eliminating the 5 biggest negative beliefs that block abundance. Eliminates all useless, outdated limiting beliefs and upgrades your mindset for success and breakthroughs.
    • Believe in yourself and feel 100% worthy and capable of success
    • Feel naturally confident as you release all limiting beliefs around money, life and your future
    • Turn “impossible” goals and dreams into reality
    • Understand how your core values and passions covert to amazing results
    • Achieve a life that fits with who you are and your authentic truth
  2. Unleashing Your Unique Personal Power

    This training alone will set you free to be who you truly are and to shine your light brightly whilst creating the life, business and lifestyle you desire and deserve.

    You’ll no longer compare yourself to others or feel less than perfect.

    The discovery technique based on neuroscience and solid, practical law of attraction thinking will uncover your true unique gifts that can be used to create financial, spiritual and energetic abundance.

    This is the true breakthrough that grows successful businesses, beautiful relationships and abundant lives.

    • Know your true purpose in life
    • Understand and unleash your hidden strengths and gifts
    • Transform doubts and blocks into breakthrough skills, abilities and new opportunities
    • Have more clarity about what you want and your “power path” to a successful life and business
    • Have an authentic vision which lights you up and moves you forward
  3. The Art And Science of Unlimited Attraction

    The Law of Attraction, when it works, is based on the timeless Laws of Energy. When you learn to work with a positive energy habit, even though you can’t see it, you’ll be empowered to create miraculous changes for yourself and others.

    As with everything you learn and master in this program, the techniques and knowledge are equally priceless for your own personal growth and the value and transformation you can achieve for others.

    Every truly abundant life, love relationship and business success story has intentionally or unintentionally been activated this way.

    By harnessing positive energy and living in joy and purpose every day you’ll soon make progress on your big plan and see real tangible results.

    I will teach you the Virtual Editing Suite technique for letting go of your old stories and breaking free into a new, incredible realm of possibilities and opportunities.

    • Feel way more positive every day
    • Grow deeply ingrained and natural “positive thought habits”
    • Eliminate negative thoughts and doubts permanently, by removing all their power (and switching to an entirely different pattern)
    • Protect yourself from negativity and feel consistently more “energized and excited” by creating a natural, effortless abundance mindset
  4. Business Success Strategies–Unlimited Clients, Customers & Joy

    For many, the challenge in growing their dream business is the fear of selling and rejection. When you make the connection between your unique source code and gifts with the value you bring to others this will never be an issue for you again.

    The principles and lessons you learn here will ensure you attract an endless stream of the very best clients, customers and fans.

    Growing a business or any kind of life success can feel as hard as climbing Everest backwards. But it doesn’t need to be. And it doesn’t need to be lonely either.

    If helping others and making a real difference is your destiny then the sooner you get breakthroughs and actual skills to finally move forward the better.

    • Launch an exciting new business (or create a powerful, transformational, purpose-driven “turnaround” with your current business)
    • Attract all the clients, customers or fans that you need in order to feel successful
    • Build something really special that makes a difference and fills your heart with joy
    • Create so much value in your products and your services that people can’t help but “sign up” for what you offer
    • Discover your perfect platform, marketing channel and message. Using the formula of source code (unique gifts and energy), authenticity, and purpose
  5. Getting WAY More Done With WAY Less Effort

    Trying harder is never a winning strategy. So what is? Having a solid and irresistible plan along with clarity, focus and flow, is what will cause you to manifest your abundant life.

    You will have more positive energy, more enthusiasm and more confidence when you learn to harness the laws of attractions and abundance in this way.

    People spend years feeling stuck and procrastinating unnecessarily.

    My systems based approach to breaking through blocks and setting yourself energetically and creatively free is unique. You’ll wish you’d signed up for this years ago when you see the results you can achieve almost overnight.

    The micro-commitment and micro-action subconscious habits you install will see you doing all the things you’ve been putting off. And will have you effortlessly making progress and growing a life and business you’re proud of.

    • Release procrastination and get effortlessly into flow (every single time you need to, following a simple breakthrough process)
    • Stop wasting time and make more progress in 60 days than you probably have in 6 years
    • Get started and launch your dreams today (not tomorrow. There’s a HUGE difference in the today and tomorrow mindset as I’m sure you’ve already figured out)
  6. NLP & Law of Attraction Language And Positive Habit Mastery

    You don’t force the Law of Attraction to work. You allow it to work and you give yourself permission to receive and to succeed.

    The Art of Letting Go and removing hindrances on your pathway is the most priceless skill you will ever learn. This includes letting go of any negative or painful energies from the past… internal conflicts keeping you stuck… and future doubts and fears blocking your progress.

    If you’ve trained with me before you know that my version of The Law of Attraction is very practical and the results very measurable. In this program we’re taking your results and outcomes to an even higher level.

    You’ll learn my Emotional Artistry Technique based on a concept called The Kandinsky Model. This will give you the skills and confidence to make a difference for other people and to change your own life in amazing ways.

    • Use internal and external language and language pattern to continually strengthen your self confidence and results
    • Create effortless courage and motivation
    • Become more and more the person you want to be
    • Shift your dreams and goals into tangible reality
  7. Perpetual Money, Love and Business Success Breakthroughs

    Money is often a key goal in the abundance puzzle. But it also tends to push very emotional hot buttons for many business owners and otherwise abundance minded people.

    Focusing on feelings of lack or scarcity can cause a great deal of pain and procrastination as well as a deep fear of failure and future doubt.

    This particular training and coaching process is going to allow you to break free and to live in an energy of genuine money-confidence and freedom.

    This is one of the most powerful lessons Ed was taught by his own coaches and mentors and he looks forward to sharing the same priceless resources with you.

    You’ll learn world class NLP anchoring techniques and principles to break through every single block stopping you from having a successful life and business.

    You’ll be trained by someone who has walked the talk for decades now and is passionate about coaching/ mentoring you to success too.

    • Grow a perfect relationship with money and success (Whatever true success means to you)
    • Rediscover and reconnect with love (and the things you most want and value in your life)
    • Become fitter and healthier in body and mind through a new mindset and manifestation process
    • Recondition and reinvigorate your body, mind and energy
    • Become more and more open to unlimited possibilities and a new reality

Included in The Breakthrough Abundance Training Package If You Apply Today (Individual Cost: $1495)

For more information on Ed’s Neuro Abundance Training Programs…Plus to watch the video “The 3 Essential Breakthroughs” (and also to book your free Abundance Breakthrough Discovery Call)

5 Day In-Person Training Event - A Life Changing Experience That Will Set You On Your True Path Forever…

These in-person training events are regularly held in convenient locations across the US and also in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

This critical component of the Abundance Coaching course of studies offers practical, hands-on training. You will become confident and empowered in the highest level of coaching, communication and relationship skills, so that you can inspire and make a difference to others personally and professionally.

This will be the most valuable 5 days you ever spend on growing yourself personally and your business confidence and effectiveness too.

Included in The Breakthrough Abundance Training Package If You Apply Today (Individual Cost: Approximately $1995) *

* This is the US course fee. Course fee varies between different countries and territories, as will your total saving if you apply for The Breakthrough Abundance Training Program Today

For more information on the 5 Day Event locations and dates…Plus to watch the video “The 3 Essential Breakthroughs” (and also to book your free Abundance Breakthrough Discovery Call)

Weekly Abundance Online Workshops

Including personal support and live Q&A sessions. These are conducted each week by one of our Master Abundance Coaches and we hope to see you on these calls regularly.

They will give you all of the personal support and follow up you need to get the most out of Abundance Coaching.

An interesting and valuable topic will be discussed each week with a group Neuro-Abundance meditation session at the end.

Included in The Breakthrough Abundance Training Package If You Apply Today (Individual Cost: $2000 per year)

Monthly Abundance Coaching Trainings and New Materials - Delivered Live Online by Ed Lester

Each month Ed will be going deeply into one key focus area of the Abundance roadmap. Ed’s trainings are fun, insightful and inspiring. You will not learn this information anywhere else.

These workshops will see you continuing to grow and evolve personally and in your business for years to come. Please understand there are no limits to how far you can take this journey with this kind of training and support.

Recordings will be made available after the live trainings.

Included in The Breakthrough Abundance Training Package If You Apply Today (Individual Cost: $2000 per year)

3 x One-on-One sessions with your own personal Abundance Master Coach

These are absolutely priceless. Your Abundance Coach is an expert in removing the energy blocks and hindrances that have stopped you achieving your dreams so far.

These sessions are a powerful addition to the other training workshops and resources that add a truly personalized aspect to the program. You get to work on any goal, any dream, any block or challenge that you wish to in a safe and confidential environment (Zoom or whatever medium suits).

At the end of each session you will be given a unique and personal neuro-abundance meditation audio that you can use for continual positive growth and habits.

Included in The Breakthrough Abundance Training Package If You Apply Today (Individual Cost: $900)

BONUS Law of Attraction Catalyst

Gain inspiration and a deeper understanding of abundance. Includes a series of abundance meditation videos to program your subconscious mind with the necessary beliefs, habits and high vibrational energy, based on Ed’s 25+ years experience as a professional hypnotherapy expert and Master NLP Trainer.

Included in The Breakthrough Abundance Training Package If You Apply Today (Individual Cost: $1295)

Individual Total Cost: $10,180

Apply For Abundance Coaching Today: $2,997

(This is a total saving of $7,183 on your first year's costs)

Please Note

When you join Breakthrough Abundance Training, you will be placed in one of two Abundance Coaching Workshop Groups:

Level 1
For those with a personal income from business (not turnover) of under $100k per year

Level 2
For those with a personal income from business (not turnover) of over $100k per year

* It is possible to be accepted on the program without having yet started your own business however we will need to see demonstration of a commitment to doing whatever needs to be done to make it happen.

** Please note - If you have already attended one of our 5 Day Live Coach Training Events, but still wish to join Breakthrough Abundance Training, then please contact us directly and we’ll give you details of how to do this.

To apply for the program, or to find out more, book your free Abundance Breakthrough Discovery Call by going to this page