Something wonderful is going to happen to you...

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Something wonderful is going to happen to you...
Many years ago in England I had this sales job. I was going through a bad time. I hated the work and it hated me.

The people there were nice and it wasn’t a bad company at all. I just didn’t want to sell things I didn’t believe in heart and soul.

I eventually walked away from the job like the radioactive waste it was.

I politely apologised to my boss, expecting her to tell me I was making a mistake…”throwing away my career”…etc

Instead she said:

“Don’t worry Ed, everything happens for a reason.”

Here words were full of kindness, understanding and wisdom. It blew me away. It seemed the exact right thing to say.

A very different situation…

Around the same time a friend of a friend lost a child tragically. Maybe the worst thing that a human being could be forced to experience.

And someone told her “Everything happens for a reason”

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Apparently she went ballistic at them. She couldn’t understand how a person could be so cruel.

I totally saw her point of view. It must have felt awful to hear such a thing.

So which is it?

Things happen for a reason? Or not?

Or is the answer more complex?

Whatever you believe, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to read them.

For me it’s all about perspective and patterns.

Working with clients I always want to help them identify and work with patterns that make sense in their map of the world.

Patterns that suggest a link to the past and the future. Patterns that provide hope of the opportunities and adventures ahead.

Patterns should always be empowering.

My boss made me feel empowered. The grieving mother’s friend got it wrong.

If you can find your patterns and use them to drive a powerful path through the snow to the top of the mountain, you’ll be just fine :)

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And looking back in years to come you’ll smile, nod and say “Hmm. Sometimes things really do happen for a reason”

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“Please leave your comments below. I would love to read them.”

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His Law of Attraction approach is unlike any other. Decades of experience teaching hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching have led him to discover that, harnessed correctly, your subconscious mind has the power to overcome ANY problem and allow you to achieve ANY goal.

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