That perfect John Lennon, love and abundance frequency

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That perfect John Lennon, love and abundance frequency
For instance clarity - the silence then sound of a triangle right at the end of a grand orchestral piece.

Like paradise - the sound of steel drums, chitter chatter on the beach and the ocean waves lapping up on the shore.

The music “out there” can trigger the warmth you most need to feel in your heart “right here”.

John Lennon’s music always did that for me (and for gazillions of others). It always hit an internal dream frequency, like the the solfeggio frequencies or sounds direct from the heavens or even the sound of God’s Cricket Chorus.

Someone emailed me a while back and said:

“Ed, Stop talking about John Lennon in your emails. He was mean and nasty to his first wife. He wasn’t a nice man”

Hmm. My first internal response wasn’t positive. We don’t like our deepest beliefs and spiritual connections being challenged by others. It hurts when people don’t get us.

In the words of WB Yeats…

“Tread softly because you tread on my dreams”
But here’s the big thing…

John Lennon was indeed mean and nasty at times. He once famously urinated on nuns from the top of a building in Hamburg, Germany.

He knew violence and he could fight alright. (Although he was so shortsighted he’d often end up thumping his own mates accidentally)

But you see our children become what they experience. They grow up with violence all around them and it becomes part of them. They lose precious people and suffer intense pain (John’s mum was run over and killed when he was still pretty much a boy. And his Dad ran off years before)

The pain then becomes something they later use to lash out with. We’ve all seen it.

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To move from that kind of background to become a person who pens the words and music to “Imagine” though…

That kind of transformation is worth sitting up and taking notice of.

It’s what I love about the music of John Lennon. Not a false pretence that he was perfect. More the journey he travelled.

He came through the heartache of loss, violence, unknowable struggle. And he eventually became a genuine ambassador for peace and love.

Love was always there in his music (Love me do. She loves you. etc) but it took a lifetime journey to be able to love himself. When he had found it at 40 he was self-actualized.

He was very much in love. He had a beautiful baby boy who he wrote a song about and it made Paul McCartney cry.

It doesn’t matter what music you love. Which books or movies tune you into your dream frequency or take you to your highest, most divine levels of manifestation.

The key is that something does. That you find your perfect way of triggering abundance within and without.

Tune into your Dream frequency

You may love the works of the pan pipe greats. Frankly I don’t.

But that doesn’t make you wrong or me right. We each have our own preferred frequencies.

I love the music of John Lennon because it hits a vibration inside of me that shows people can totally change and transform. And those people often take the world with them.

It’s ok to be a free spirit and mocked by others as a little upstart nobody (just like Mozart was and surely he must have doubted himself at times?)

I like apple computers because they hit a creative frequency for me too.

I love lots of other things that make me feel good inside.

And ultimately the message is, don’t fret about the things other people get inspired by but you don’t love.

Even if it’s sci-fi comics and rap music it doesn’t matter. It’s their bliss, not your bliss.

Go uncover and live your bliss. Because it will turn you on and tune you in to the dream frequency.

The internal vibration and music of the heart that will cause you to create your best work…your best energy…the life you desire in all of it’s glorious detail.

My warmest wishes


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