A message from the edge of the universe

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A message from the edge of the universe
I shared this idea with one of my training groups a few years ago. And their jaws hit the ground.

Because it’s pretty wacky, even by my standards.

However I also believe it’s almost certainly true.

Forces from all over the universe and from all times and spaces, are sharing messages with you right now.

And you can tap into them and change your life in anyway you want to. I’m not talking linear changes though. I’m talking quantum shifts.

If you’re going to harness and unleash this kind of power, I suggest going extremely large with it.

So where to start?..

Let’s face it, to someone currently living on the edge of the universe, our planet is like a pinhead. On a pinhead. On a grain of sand. On a beach the size of the milky way.

So, in answer to your unasked question, No.

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They probably haven’t picked us out for their summer vacation.

Which raises an interesting point…

How do intelligent, evolved beings on the edge of the universe travel vast distances through time and space?

In a tin pot rocket?

I think not.

Sorry Elon et al. No insult intended.

But I think they travel the same way they communicate. Through energy.

And let’s be serious and pragmatic here.

Why would they want to visit and communicate individually to a distant planet still working through its punchy, needy, spotty teenage years?

It wouldn’t make sense. It’s not efficient.

It’s like, if you were going to publish an interesting article about “how cats can heal serious illnesses” or on some other super valuable topic…

Would you send it to random individuals by guessing their email addresses?

Of course not. You’d publish on a blog or make a video. Something like that.

And when it was ready, you’d click the magic button to put it out there on the world wide web.

By the way, remember I told you the other day that abundance is a game?

I really believe that. I believe the universe is playful and full of adventure. And one of the ways people scupper their success with the law of attraction is by being overly serious about things.

Often the more creative, lighthearted approach is the winner.

It’s my experience that you have to suspend disbelief in order to win any game.

For instance, when I play monopoly with my family, we go into a world of make believe. In that world we are property investors with hotels, train stations and silicon valley tech companies (always change the rules of any game you play. That’s another clue for success btw)

It’s only by acting the role of the property investor, the whole game becomes real.

Which brings me to the basic rules for my “Message from the edge of the Universe Game”

Feel free to bend these rules and experiment so that you can make this your own game.

Step 1 - Pick a team (Basically you are your team at the start. So this is a great opportunity to back yourself. Give yourself a winners hug and a big high five. Go Team You!)

Step 2 - Decide on the rules for winning (The goal of the game is for you to get everything you wish for and so much more. Because that’s what abundance actually is of course)

Step 3 - Choose a color (I don’t actually know what this means but it sounds really exciting so I added it)

Step 4 - Acknowledge that there are positive, hidden forces out there that want to help you win this game (It’s like one of those online games where you have mysterious team mates turning up out of nowhere)

Step 5 - Acknowledge that there are civilisations out there way older than ours. They are also way more advanced and evolved that ours. And they have two big things to offer to this game. Firstly, because they’re super evolved, this means they operate purely from an energy of love. They want that frequency to sing and shine a light everywhere. It’s the virus they are aiming to spread through time and space. Secondly, they have access to “cloud” technology we can’t even dream of yet. Or maybe we can. But it’s not the kind of dreams we can yet understand and decode.

Step 6 - Be open to receiving wisdom and help from these unknown forces. Connect through gratitude, love and abundance. Constantly model and channel any juice the universe is sending you through this connection.

Step 7 - Win the game and be blessed with understanding that the only losers are those who don’t get the box out of the cupboard in the first place. Everyone who plays wins in this game.

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In summary…

Is everything I just shared codswallop?

Possibly. Possibly not. But I believe in it and I believe that there’s so much hope and optimism in the world right now even though it’s often hiding in the darkness.

BUT, more importantly, understand that you don’t have to believe the premise of the game in order to win. You don’t have to believe in these voices from the edge of the universe any more than you have to literally believe you’re really a real property mogul in order to play Monopoly.

You can win anyway.

By the way, I always loved the following quote from one of my soul brothers and it just kind of jumped in so I’m sharing it.

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Keep up the magic!

“Please leave your comments below. I would love to read them.”

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