“The Hare And The Tortoise” has never been so critical in our lives as it is today

The Hare And The Tortoise
The true lesson could so easily have been created our modern times world.

Do you realise how much more you get done when you switch off the phone…unplug…un-facebook…free yourself to natural rhythms and flow?

The tortoise, let’s be clear, did not win because he was SLOW.

Please don’t take the message of this post as being “Go slow and you’ll win”

No, the message is “Be who you are. Be natural. Be authentic. Stick to your path through your energy and integrity even when physically it’s not totally clear”

Then you’ll win the bigger race every time…

When my wife Ruth had our first baby, she was tired of course. And 3 hour interrupted sleeps just don’t cut it.

And the midwife came to visit a few weeks into this new chapter of our lives.

And Ruth was horrified the house was messy and she was (God forbid) not in “control” of things.

The midwife told her to go with the flow. Don’t fight it. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Give yourself permission.

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All that great advice…

It’s all so true of course.

The other night our son was waking up coughing and crying what seemed like every 5 minutes.

So the next day we didn’t push ourselves too hard with work and life.

All these years later we’re older and wiser now. (Haha let’s hope so anyway)

The trick is to be kind to yourself and go with the flow. Don’t fight the universe, work with it. Sometimes loud music helps. Sometimes inspirational quotes. Or a coffee and warm conversation with a friend.

Whatever it takes be the tortoise if you’re the tortoise. The hare if you’re the hare. The bouncing Tigger even.

So long as you are YOU.

That’s what this crazy world needs from you…

You’ll win every time and so will everyone around you.

You’ll help others set them free to run to their own tune too 

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“Please leave your comments below. I would love to read them.”

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