The “Gardening Secret” to getting unstuck

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Gardening Secret
I discovered something new recently.


It took me 48 years but I got there…

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE a beautiful garden and being connected with nature.

But the creation of the beautiful garden was, for me, somebody else’s job.

And it’s very, very, very interesting how this works.

You see the reason I shirked and baulked at the idea of gardening was always the fear of messing it up.

Not the hard work. Not the taking action.

No, it was much more a case of “What are the steps?” and “What if I do something wrong and all the flowers die?”

And when my Dad died I found myself in the garden spending some time alone. Meditating. Thinking. While I was at it I decided I’d just grab the garden shears and a shovel and start “doing stuff”.

Before I knew it I was hijacked by a smile. I was really, really enjoying myself. This was fun. Almost, dare I say it, “source code”.

As a friend and colleague of mine is often fond of saying “The work is the teacher”

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This story brings up three interesting points…

  1. Waiting for the right moment or to be given “the exact steps” is always in vain. Only by putting one foot in front of the other does your learning and evolution ever really begin. In anything.

  2. Sometimes we wait for something bad to happen (48 years even) until we take focused and desirable action. And we don’t need to wait! Just get started right now is the best motto.

  3. Another reason people procrastinate is that action is scary. But sometimes, as in my case, it turns out to be simply a stepping stone to a breakthrough discovery. A gift in fact. What’s really awesome is that action starts in our thoughts. It’s manifested not just in physical energy but in mental, emotional and spiritual energy too.

Energy and thought are the birthplace of action.

Make your thoughts creative and filled with possibilities and you’ll get unstuck instantly.

Then the fun and your true journey to purpose begins!

Ready to go?

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