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What Students Are Saying About Ed Lester's Breakthrough Abundance Training & Business Mentoring...

There's some amazing content in this course. I am learning so much every week! The way Ed explains things and breaks down topics is so easy to grasp and learn from. Everything I am learning is in line with my life philosophy and is making me so inspired and motivated. Thanks, Ed ;-)

Erica Addis

Debbie McMillan

Ed is a motivational speaker who delivers inspirational stories coupled with a plethora of knowledge.

Debbie McMillan

Unlike traditional career fields, coaching allows us to offer what we already have abundant within us. The gift of giving back is in the art of allowing others to move forward. Breakthrough Life Coaching has taught me this art and has transformed the way I see my part on the world stage.


Amy Willoughby

I've truly been transformed, the course created the space for me to learn so much, not only new techniques and a whole new way of thinking, but it provided a safe space to explore my own identity and understand my core values and not to mention create connections with some amazing like minded individuals.

I never dreamt I would be baring my soul, sharing my story and claiming my power back!!! Amazing.

Ed I can't thank you enough for this experience/opportunity, it has expanded me in the most magical way, I'm truly grateful.

Amy Willoughby, Auckland

The course exceeded my expectations in terms of achieving and outlining my finest breakthrough moments.  The most enjoyable part is the high energy, skill and expertise of Ed.  The entire picture that I have been enjoying is how beautifully the dots are getting connected everyday, and a clearer picture of what is going on emerges.

Erum Ali

Kate Broughton

Training with Ed has given the me the confidence and tools to stand strong in the work that I do and move forward. With the life coaching skills I've learnt… I feel able to empower people to be the best version of themselves.

Kate Broughton

Luis Meirelles

Ed has a really special way to conduct energy within a group of students providing a safe space for people to grow as humans, learn as friends and help each other through the process. We started as strangers and left as a team with a super special bond.

As an amazing teacher and person that he is I HIGHLY recommend the course and the awesome skills and knowledge that he kindly shares on the course that I for now call a Journey.

Thanks for everything Ed, I really really appreciate your work.

Luis Meirelles

I chose to come on Ed’s life coaching course from an intuitive place of “This feels like the right thing for me right now”.  Not knowing or expecting too much about what was ahead I have found that my inner confidence to be who I am as a person has blossomed and as such the ability to translate this to success both financially and personally has been huge.

I feel…in a space to move forward with clarity and confidence. Many thanks..

Richard Davies

Chrystel Chevallier

I want to tell you how grateful I am about your support during Life coaching training and the sharing of webinars and videos. All of this made a huge impact on my way to my own discovery. I found my way, my true "me" above identity and body, I found a place where I feel safe, trust, lightness, joy. Like a rebirth I can from now live effortlessly, experimenting the world with fun and wonder. I will keep enjoying learning from and be coached by you from this new "paradigm". Thanks infinitely Ed

Chrystel Chevallier

Josh Roche

“Without fail Ed attracts incredible people to his courses from a variety of backgrounds and countries but all with the common thread of removing blocks to realising greater potential personally and professionally...practical, profound and relevant...

a fast track to activating dreams and can evolve into an incredibly fulfilling career [and life]”

Josh Roche

Christine Walter

"This is such a great course I have attended it twice, learning great things with a diverse group of people each time.

By attending this course you will gain great tools and resources including marketing in a fun, almost inadvertent manner.

Ed has a fantastic way of dripping in great information through his excellent level of knowledge and a captivating skill of storytelling.

This is a great course for all people in business as well as anyone who is looking to coach people.

A chrysalis-type process - there WILL be a transformation."

Christine Walter

Leisa Peterson

“Ed Lester never disappoints as one of the world's most amazing abundance teachers. I'll never forget the first time I heard his teachings -- a calm wave of understanding washed over me and I was forever changed -- his work is that powerful.

For anyone seeking the pathway to financial freedom, I strongly recommend that you listen VERY carefully to everything Ed has to say on the topic of Abundance and Attraction.

I've known clients and colleagues of mine achieve personal financial freedom—And even grow businesses to the 6 and 7 figure level and beyond by integrating these exact lessons and "keys"”

Leisa Peterson (WealthClinic)