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The Ultimate Self Hypnosis Secret…Butterfly Affirmations

Most affirmations, meditations and self hypnosis suggestions are missing one critical, “miracle” ingredient which you can find out about and start mastering today… On today’s podcasts I give you some ideas to grow your affirmations into subconscious triggers which totally change the way you feel and the results you enjoy. I’ve spent years collecting these gems which I happily share with you. My deepest wish is for you to integrate them into your life and lifestyle to start making a huge and positive difference in the world.

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The Million Dollar Bias

There is a mutation in our thinking that holds us humans back and keeps us stuck But… Harness it and unleash it correctly, it could be the key to you getting everything you want I’ve recently been observing many people with a lot of ability, passion and energy who are failing to hit their goals in life. And how by contrast, other people who seem very ordinary on the surface, are achieving incredible results.

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