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The circus tent illusion…

As a child there was a real fascination when the circus came to town. The folks inside the circus seemed to inhabit another world. Their own world. And their gates were locked. They were different somehow. But to anyone inside the circus, the perspective was reversed. THEIRS was the real world. The people outside were the ones who were blinkered and trapped.  » Enjoy reading this post? Would you love a free copy of my groundbreaking resources including “The Dream Envelope” and “The Abundance Index”?

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Change happens when you "come home"

As commented by others in this group, you don’t necessarily need to move thousands of miles to get to where your heart is supposed to be. Sometimes it’s a distance measured by “permission”. Just freeing yourself enough to speak your truth and spread your message could be considered “coming home” too. If you’re in a job, a town, a mindset where you can’t be the real you… Can your heart possibly be said to be in the right place?

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The past and the future

Living in New Zealand, I am constantly surrounded by stories and inspiration… For instance, yesterday I was wandering around our National Museum, which is called “Te Papa”. I noticed this on the wall, written in Maori… “Titiro whakamuri Whakarite Ināianei, hei hāngai whakamua” Translated as: “Embrace the past Prepare now to shape the future” But what if you could shape the past too?  » Enjoy reading this post?

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