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Always bring your own sunshine - My law of attraction philosophy

It’s cold here today… The car is iced up. Walking outside, I’m breathing out steam and rubbing my hands together vigorously. Lots of people are complaining. But two things are abundantly obvious to me. It may be cold but it’s sunny and New Zealand is a damn fine place to be whatever the weather The cold will go. The ice will melt and warmer days will soon follow.

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8 quick questions to get you on a good path…

What would you do if… You weren’t frightened? You felt strong again? You felt more curious? You were more bold? You had more time? You had more powerful connections and contacts? You believed in yourself 101% ? You were clear on your true gifts and power?  » Enjoy reading this post? Would you love a free copy of my groundbreaking resources including “The Dream Envelope” and “The Abundance Index”?

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Keep it simple and to the point Sylvester

This message is short and to the point. Some people send me emails that are long like novels. I do my best to skim them. But we’re living in a world where our attention is demanded everywhere. So the universe needs it nice and simple. What specifically do you want? What energy, belief and power do you bring to the table? Are you ready? Are you open?  » Enjoy reading this post?

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