Do you realize you are just one small “mental tweak” away from being your best self?..

Use this shortcut to immediately start to vibrate at your VERY highest frequency and to stay there consistently...

Imagine a magical amusement park of new possibilities, where your subconscious becomes free to expand and awaken...

Imagine if that magical place was an imaginary amusement park where your subconscious becomes free to expand and awaken.

Too many people get stuck in an existence that feels compromised…

Like it’s somebody else’s rules that are taking priority.

What to do when nothing is easy and everything feels hard...

Here’s how one of my amazing clients told me she was feeling:

“I feel so close to being my true self.

I've been using your meditations and guidance for over two years and it's been a rollercoaster. I've come so far. I wrestle with my demons but I'm aware of them and challenge all negative thoughts. I feel really excited about projects I am developing. Been off the boil and ill the last few weeks and berating myself for losing momentum.

I so know that if everyone finds their pure core soul and purpose. That spark, then the whole vibration of humanity will raise and be bliss full.

But we are scarred and imperfect beings that ebb and flow between worlds and perspectives. Sorry I'm babbling. Very excited. Basically it's about scrapping away the debris and finding the diamond that lies in every single soul.

Since on this journey, already being a vegetarian animal lover I have become even closer to our animal friends and nature and I wrestle with my responsibility to them. I feel I am more acutely aware of Karma, my own hypocrisy and constant judging and striving for better.

I want to face my errors and imperfections head on and deal with them and move on. I was a secondary school art teacher for 19 years and my biggest reason for leaving formal education was because it stunted creativity and individuality and labelled and boxed.”

I can totally relate to this…

Have you ever felt that society was boxing you in?

Invisible forces constraining you from being everything you know you can be?

Here's how I helped her...

I decided that if my client was on a rollercoaster then I was going to help her make that ride into an exhilarating and rewarding one.

The lows would become highs...

And the highs would become pure bliss.

For my client I created a healing and empowering abundance meditation and recommended she listen to it every day for a week or so. I wanted her to feel totally rejuvenated and alive.

And WOW! Check out this feedback from that same client after she tested out “Be Your Best Self”

“Having followed Ed Lester’s meditations and self-hypnosis programme for about three years I am always really excited when a new one comes out, but I was so delighted when he selected me to gift a recording to this Christmas.

What is most brilliant about Ed’s work is that it is generic and accessible to anyone and yet open to individual interpretation and the ‘Be your best self’ guided meditation is just perfect. It offers a space for the imagination to take you on a journey with yourself.

It has a magical way of taking you deep into a comfortable familiarity that is simultaneously butterflies in stomach exciting and a techi-coloured reality. Thank you Ed.

Joely Marshall

Ed has this quiet, un-intrusive and open tone to his voice. His vocabulary, although I am sure must be carefully chosen, is natural and un-pretentious. I immediately felt at ease listening to him.

The thing I find about hypnosis is it can, at first, seem to be a vulnerable place to be. So it is so important that rather than feel vulnerable you feel open and connected to a deeper, bigger consciousness.

Eds recordings open the door and I always come out the other side feeling empowered. There has also been an accumulative effect over the weeks, months and even years of listening to his recordings.”

I’ve decided it’s time to give you access to this meditation too.

If you’re ready to let go of the constraints we all put on ourselves...

If you’re ready to be everything you are destined to be...

This uplifting abundance meditation creates a journey for you in an imaginary amusement park where magical things start to happen.

Soon you’ll be ready to:

  • Discover your best self and your true core soul energy
  • Let go and become free from sad, bad restraining experiences
  • Realise how much progress you have made
  • Acknowledge and honour the change in yourself
  • Feel so focused - like an arrow on target
  • Feel lighter and stronger
  • You are connecting with yourself
  • Know That You DO deserve
  • Let go of judgment and criticism
  • Feel like you are surfing on the crest of an energetic wave
  • Get closer and closer to being your true self every day
  • Feel like you’re on a rollercoaster of empowerment - the lows suddenly start to become highs
  • Experience challenges transforming into opportunities as your mind becomes more and more aware of positive thoughts
  • Find the diamond that lies in your soul!

Listen to this audio through headphones daily for the next week or two and you will soon start to come alive with abundance and joy.

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