• Open yourself to effortlessly start receiving love and abundance into your life
  • Set yourself free of past fears, hurts and doubts… let it all go gently
  • Share the very best of yourself with the world so that abundance comes back to you like a reflection from the universe’s mirror
  • Transform yourself in the most magical and gentle of ways
  • Find a wonderful place of creativity, growth and positivity
  • Feel more worthy, open and free… light and happy
  • Grow past and above your blocks - become elevated
  • Find a sense of peace, passion and your purpose to live life at its fullest
  • Find more laughter and lightheartedness
  • Feel truly worthy and open to receiving love and abundance
  • Receive, help, kindness, growth and unconditional love
  • Breathe away the negative feelings of being stuck and feeling guilty or unworthy
  • Experience the most delightful feeling of forgiveness
  • Understand and own the fact that the tough times have taught you lessons and change is now blooming like flowers in a garden
  • Embrace the possibilities for contribution, love and abundance every day
  • Create the love, worthiness, peace and forgiveness that leads to everything you wish for
  • Notice that all blocks are now being released - You are flowing into freedom
  • Realise how much is transforming inside of you and get a taste of what is becoming possible
  • Worship the fact that each sunrise will now bring more magic for you, and you are open to receiving it
  • Enjoy being in a place of abundance, happiness and success which starts to feel like home to you

Listen to this audio through headphones daily for the next week or two and you will come soon start to come alive with abundance and joy.

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