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How to Literally Force Abundance To Come To You By Mastering The Power of ONE Simple Ten Minute Energy Shift Technique Today


The easiest way to transform your life quickly is to embrace a piece of mind "magic".

Something you have instantly available to you and can unlock today.

Doing so really does force the universe to deliver abundance into your life.

It’s power (your power) is unimaginable to most. It’s beyond priceless and instantly magnetises wishes and desires so they much more easily show up in your world.

The big question isn’t “Can you make this work?”.

Anyone can.

The real decision for you to make is “Are you ready to explode your happiness and success into the sky by making a simple shift?

If you do, the positive results will last you forever.

Most make the mistake of misunderstanding the beautiful truth and simplicity of transformation. They let opportunities slip through their fingers every day.

Don’t let this be you. As you’re about to realize, you’re capable of SO MUCH MORE...

Instead, read and listen carefully to what I’m sharing today...

Your future goals and ambitions depend on this profound, joyous energy shift.

And again, rest assured, this is so, SO simple to reprogram into your daily habits. The effects will be exhilarating.

The Truth About Love, Abundance And A Genuine, Authentic Kind Of Success….

I’m about to share a truth bomb with you.

Everybody needs to hear this. Every single day.

You’ve hear that the truth really does set us free?

Well here goes…

We’re all being brainwashed into thinking we have no power.

And do you know the worst part?

It’s not just the bad guys and politicians who do it....

Most of us have also been accidentally brainwashed by those we love the most. Our parents, friends and family.

How so?

Because we’ve been told that the way to succeed is through HARD WORK, EFFORT, ANXIETY and PAIN.

No pain. No gain!

Really? That’s what they want us to believe?

Look. Let me be crystal clear here and keep this idea close to your heart at all times…

I discovered this eternal truth years ago. It’s time to share it with others that I deeply trust and admire.

If you’re walking through a forest and you take a wrong turn you are now officially “Off Track”.

So if you walk faster...walk harder...even run forward with an ever growing sense of fear…

You’re not improving. Things are getting worse.

Same in all areas of life.

If you’re doing the wrong things. Not adding the contribution and value you wish for. Not following your true passion and purpose. Not living in lighthearted, carefree love, peace and joy?

Then how can MORE EFFORT and HARD WORK make any sense at all?

I’m here to tell you it CANNOT. In fact, it’s an insane way of thinking.

What’s needed is a true, long overdue, blessed, paradigm shift. Or in other words, a complete breakthrough in thought and action.

Here’s the real secret you need to embrace right now. Today…

The most powerful shift you’ll ever make is to embrace the beautiful energy which is called…


When you allow love and abundance to flow into your life, everything changes in an instant.

And you can get to that magical “instant” very quickly indeed.

But here’s the big trick…

And this is the most critical part of the jigsaw…

You can’t MAKE or FORCE yourself to ALLOW abundance to flow.

Allowing abundance isn’t in fact something you DO at all.

It's a total inner-shift.

It’s an energy that you BECOME.

Awesome News!

As with all abundance breakthroughs, in order to make this shift you need to engage your full creative mind and spirit.

I helped a client achieve EXACTLY that not long ago by creating a magical and powerful abundance meditation for her.

It’s entitled “Allow Love And Abundance Into Your Life.

And now, I’ve decided it’s time to give you access to this meditation too.

If you’re ready to let go of the constraints, blocks and barriers to effortless, flowing abundance...

If you’re ready to energetically ALLOW your dreams to manifest. To become everything you are destined to be...

This blissful abundance meditation will allow you to do that.

It takes you on an effortless journey where you can make changes in your internal mindset which will attract more and more of the things you desire.

With this beautiful meditation you’ll now be ready and able to:

  • Open yourself to start receiving love and abundance into your life. This happens in an effortless way you almost certainly haven’t experienced before.
  • Finally set yourself free of past fears, hurts and doubts… let it all go gently (you’re about to discover that “gently” is the shocking key to success here)
  • Share the very best of yourself with the world. As you’ll see, abundance comes back to you like a reflection from the universe’s mirror
  • Transform yourself in the most magical, gentle and uplifting of ways
  • Find a wonderful space of creativity, growth and positivity where you can make miracles manifest
  • Feel more worthy, open and free… light, happy and lovable
  • Grow past and above your blocks - become elevated to the next level of success (past your current glass ceiling)
  • Find a sense of peace, passion and your purpose to live life at its fullest and richest
  • Find more laughter and lightheartedness (Uncover “happy” goals you haven’t allowed into your perceptual reality yet)
  • Feel truly worthy and open to receiving love and abundance. Discover a profound and surprising shift towards a new meaning of “Deserve”
  • Receive, help, kindness, growth and unconditional love. Feel shocked at how much unconditional love and abundance has been hiding under your nose all this time.
  • Experience the most delightful feeling of letting go and divine “lightness and freedom”
  • Release the tough times once and for all but keep the valuable lessons you’ve learned. Change is now ready to blossom and bloom like flowers in a beautiful Spring garden
  • Embrace exciting possibilities for contribution, love and abundance every day. You CAN help others and make a difference in the world once you allow abundance in
  • Create the love, worthiness, peace and forgiveness that leads to everything you wish for
  • Notice that all blocks are now being released - You are flowing into freedom and it’s getting easier and easier every day
  • Realise how much is transforming inside of you and get a taste of what is becoming possible. Warning: Can be a tiny bit scary at first when you realize “THIS IS WORKING!”
  • Worship the fact that each sunrise will now bring more magic for you, and you are open to receiving it
  • Enjoy being in a place of abundance, happiness and ALLOWING -which starts to feel like a natural home of success to you

Listen to this audio through headphones daily for the next week or two as you soon start to come alive with more and more abundance and joy.

Enjoy. You totally deserve this!

Ed Lester

Abundance Coach

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